A new digital workspace for recruiting and retaining talent

Recruiting and retaining talent
Smart Knowledge Management tools provide a new dynamic environment that drives collaboration and improves productivity by generating a new experience for the employee.

Technology enabling creativity and innovation

The technology we use in our own lives, which entertains us and connects us with others must be the same technology that makes us happier at work. Simple and intuitive tools increase participation and lead to greater employee experience as Forrester explains, while improving productivity and reducing costs. But not only, that tools also have the ability to attract and retain the best, those people who feel they evolve and contribute to the organization, thanks to the continuous opportunities offered to them to learn and grow.

everis knowler, the Smart Knowledge Management solution by everis, provides a new work experience on Office 365 that facilitates employee engagement. everis knowler makes the processes more agile and makes shared knowledge available to people, to let ideas and creativity flow. It makes work an enriching activity capable of catching talent.