Knowledge Management empower people and organizations

The creation of added value for companies generated by Knowledge Management is the result of a decision made by leaders who face change by empowering people.
Discover in some general observations the benefits of Knowledge Management aligned with the new digital culture of the organization.

Benefits for a CEO

The cultural change towards a data driven company is much easier with an intelligent workspace like everis knowler. A successful Knowledge Management strategy increases the company’s benefits:
  • Real Digital transformation
  • Knowledge-based growth
  • Cost-savings and maximize time
  • Processes improvement and efficiency
  • Team motivation: create greater employee satisfaction

Benefits for a CTO

Technology investment acts as a lever for innovation when its adoption is natural and effective among the people in the company. everis knowler is the Smart Knowledge Management solution that provides an avant-garde working environment to the employee, with business as a point of reference:
  • Inniative on innovation driven by the IT Area
  • All Corporate systems unified under a new layer
  • From Data Lake to Knowledge Lake
  • Technology enabling business
  • A new employee experience to engage talent

Benefits for a Chief Human Resources Officer

A new culture of sharing knowledge enhances the company’s talent and fosters innovation through borderless collaboration:
  • A new view of a corporate intranet
  • Enabling Creativity and Innovation
  • Knowledge as a key of your workforce strategy
  • Positioning as a talent-based company
  • Team engagement: create greater employee satisfaction