NTT Data, everis and Microsoft design a common Go-to-Market strategy for Smart Knowledge Management

Carlos Galve, Partner Technology everis; Asako Yoshida, GAT Strategist; Tsuyoshi Kitani, CTO NTT Data
everis knowler drives the digital transformation of companies in an easy, fast and transparent way. It will be available for English, Spanish and Japanese speaking markets.

Knowledge impulse business

The Japanese group NTT Data, the multinational consulting firm everis and the international technology company Microsoft have prepared the launch of a new package of solutions for knowledge management in companies under the name of ‘Smart Knowledge Management’ that will be adapted to different business sectors.
The everis knowler solution, which will be available for the Anglo-Saxon, Spanish and Japanese markets, facilitates a new environment for the worker by generating a deeper flow of knowledge. Based on a semantic and ontological search, it is structured to reduce costs and time, increasing productivity and optimizing the organization of information. All this taking advantage of the potential of the Office 365 environment.

The first successful case is being developed in NTT Data through the global knowledge management strategy for the entire organization. Working together with everis, under Microsoft’s cloud technology, the implementation of everis knowler in NTT Data is empowering the main value of the Japanese company: its professionals and its knowledge. The deployment will impact 11,000 professionals in Japan during Fiscal Year 2019, progressively extending to the different companies of the group in more than 50 countries.

More details on the everis knowler success story in NTT Data on the everis knowler website.

(Foto: Carlos Galve, Head of SuSI – Partner Technology, everis; Asako Yoshida, Global Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft Japan; Tsuyoshi Kitani, Director and Executive VP, CTO NTT Data)