NTT and Microsoft join forces in a strategic alliance

Microsoft NTT strategic alliance
Tech giants NTT and Microsoft team up to drive solutions that accelerate digital transformations.

The ICT infrastructure provided by NTT and the Microsoft cloud platform will support the alliance on 3 key initiatives

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft Corp., and Jun Sawada, CEO NTT Corporation, sealed the strategic agreement between both companies with a handshake.
This union between the best-in-class ICT infrastructure and the cybersecurity experience provided by NTT, and Microsoft’s trusted cloud platform and capabilities in Artificial Intelligence technologies, will offer safe and reliable solutions to successfully face the challenge of digitization.
The key initiatives of this multi-year strategic alliance between NTT and Microsoft to lead the offer of new digital solutions, include the launch of a Global Digital Fabric to foster a digital acceleration for industries worldwide. It will also cover the development of cloud business solutions focused on improving cybersecurity, social robotics with Artificial Intelligence to help users in their tasks, new digital workplaces and other aspects of knowledge management. At this point the role of everis knowler as a key driver of the modern workplace that empowers people through technology, will be reinforced thanks to the advantages it provides as a facilitator of shared knowledge over Office 365. As a tool developed by everis, belonging to the NTT DATA group, which has been recognized by Microsoft Spain as Best Partner of the Year 2019 in AI, it is a key element in the transformation of companies and knowledge management as a fundamental factor in the Business evolution, capitalizing on the Azure potential.
As a third pillar of the arrangement between NTT and Microsoft is a co-innovation in next-generation technologies, to harness the power of technology in building a more sustainable future and helping to create a smart world. This vision aligns the IOWN initiative, which brings together cutting-edge technologies to take a step forward in the field of innovation and improve our environment.
More information on the strategic agreement signed by NTT and Microsoft in the official Press Release.

(Photo: NTT Group)