knowler automatically identifies the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date information from structured and unstructured data of your organization and provides valuable insights based on ontologies.


New knowledge experience

Save time and money getting the right, relevant and accurate information for each person even without asking

Make your digital workplace more efficient and collaborative, discovering information even you did not know it exists

Enrich the quality of the deliverables of your people giving them quick access to the information they need

Empower your people sharing all the knowledge of the company promoting a cultural change


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Knowledge lake with A.I.

knowler automatically builds and maintains a Knowledge Lake out of the relevant information of the company. Artificial Intelligence technologies and Ontologies make sense of if, discovering patterns and connections to other parts, and turning it useful in new ways, making it valuable knowledge for the user.
It also extracts relationships between different documents and other parts of the Knowledge Lake. The contents and connections are indexed to make them useful and accessible. Natural Language Processing and Semantic Web techniques allow users to access the information stored in the Knowledge Lake by issuing queries in natural language.


Transform your Company: knowledge first

Knowledge and information must be shared and multiplied at any time and in any place. Isolated knowledge is useless, all knowledge must be connected to generate all the possible value and boost the company at all levels.


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Collaboration agreement with Microsoft for the development of a solution for smart knowledge management.